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Keep your adorable ones from harm’s way with this uniquely built Levede Safety Barrier. An essential home product for every parent. The entire frame is engineered with excellent precision and quality to form a gate that stays steady and firm in its position once installed as per instructed. Not easy for pets or toddlers to tamper with its position. Sleek and elegant construction extremely soft and smooth to touch.

A strong and tough safety barrier built with high-tensile steel. Child-friendly design with special fine coated finish, non-toxic material very safe to install around children. Ingenious mechanism with two way opening for convenient use. Equipped with one hand release feature for ease of access. To enhance its safety our product comes equipped with a sturdy support ramp for added stability and durability. If you leave the barrier unattended it will automatically close to prevent noxious event. Very easy to install and maintain with simple instructions. Set it up anywhere from your hallway, bedroom, near stairs, and many more. Once installed requires no maintenance.        

Watch as your kids perform darnedest things. A secure and perfect seal to keep your little ones safe.


Key Features?

  • Wall bumper only
  • Suitable for baby safety barrier
  • Pressure mounted
  • Non-toxic
  • Reliable and secure
  • Optional safety barrier or extension can be purchased in our store

Brand: Levede


Bumper material: ABS

Colour: White

Size and dimension?

Wall Bumper : 7.5cm diameter

  • 2x Wall Bumper
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