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This Floor Rug provides a sumptuous sensation underfoot that will be a pleasure to come home after a long day of work, or a welcomed early morning cushion for your bare feet.

Luxury lambskin style for decorating living room, playroom, office, dining room etc. Soft touch with 60mm -70mm pile height fits all kind of furniture styles and any surface floor.


Key Features:

  • Classic and elegant
  • Lambskin style rug
  • Soft and comfortable
  • 60mm – 70mm pile height
  • Faux suede base
  • Easy maintenance
    • Material: Polyacrylonitrile fiber
    • Base material: Faux suede
    • Pile length:60mm - 70mm
    • Dimensions :(L x W)
    • 60cm x 120cm / 60cm x 150cm / 80cm x150cm / 160cm x 230cm
    • Colour : White / Grey / Dark Grey
    • 1x Floor Rug
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