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Our Cat litter box is an essential household product for cat parents. Let your cat do its business peacefully, built-in miniature vents on the top of the litter box. Provides excellent privacy for your cat with excellent ventilation. Let them perform this crucial task of the day, without any worries. A double-door design effectively avoids the litter mess. Convex points are provided on the surface, it helps the claws to open-up for the cat litter to fall off. It avoids skin diseases caused by residual litter on the claws. Its spacious design can accommodate up-to 10kg weighted cat. This large space gives enough space for the cat to freely move around. A bonus litter shovel is provided for easy cleaning. Dust and dirt can be easily cleaned due to its hassle-free design. Bottom drawer is provided for convenient cleaning. Give your cat a private space and a sense of security. An adorable product for your adorable cat.

Key Features:

  • Small vents
  • Ensure the cat’s privacy
  • Good ventilation environment
  • Avoid skin diseases
  • Spacious space
  • Bonus litter shovel
  • Hassle-free cleaning
  • Bottom drawer

Material: PP

Size: 53.5cm x 44cm x 39cm (L x W x H)

Colour: Grey

  • 1x Cat Litter Box
  • 1x Bonus Shovel
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