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Free Delivery on All Products


    • You can use it anywhere around home,commercial and industrial area where pests are causing problems
    • Prevents unwanted animails and humans including possums,cats,birds and rodents from walking over fence and walls
    • simple and effective deterrent spikes can control and stop intruders
    • Fast and Simple installation on walls, roofs, gates, windows and etc.
    • Easy to clean, just simply hose off if it becomes dirty, no need scrub
    • Perfect for all colours,can be painted to suit any colour if required.
    • Very cost effective and non harmful to humans and animals can be used in all applications for a permanent solution.
    • Dimensions: 49x4.5x1.7cm
    • Colour: Brown
    • Control Type: Deterrent
    • Style: Flat
    • 10x Fence Spikes
    • Package specifications:52x6.8x5.7cm
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