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Privacy Policy

When you share your information with us through this website, we assure privacy and security. It is essential to understand what information we catch from the information provided by you and how we use it. Your presence here on this website is subject to this privacy policy.

Pay later alligator is devoted to providing quality services and this privacy policy summarizes our ongoing obligations to you and informs how we oversee your personal information.

What is personal information and what we collect from it?

We don’t keep and ask for personal identity unless you provide us. Personal information means, names, email addresses, and phone numbers, this is what we ask for and collect. We collect your personal information as an elementary purpose for providing you with better services. We may use your data for a secondary purpose like marketing and creating statistics. You can unsubscribe from our newsletter or mailing list any time through a written email.

We won’t misuse and sell your privacy without your consent, nor will your identity be revealed to third parties except as mentioned in this privacy policy.

Sensitive information:

Sensitive information is explained in the Privacy Act to include an opinion about an individual’s origin, political beliefs, religious beliefs, political membership, criminal record, or health information.

Sensitive information will give access to us only.

  • For primary reason
  • For the secondary purpose which is correlated to the primary reason
  • With the law enforcement, if required or with your consent


Once you register on this website, you may select the option of receiving future communications for new offers and deals from us. If you wish to unsubscribe this communication, simply drop us an email with the subject ‘unsubscribe’.

Third parties:

We only inquire about personal information when needed with a valid reason and purpose, but in some situations, we may be yielded with information by third parties. In such conditions, we assure and take several steps to inform you about the information shared with us by third parties.


We don’t allow privacy invasions, we respect your privacy at our website. Our privacy policy is proposed to follow the best practice and abide by the Privacy Act. We may revise our privacy policies from time to time according to our customer’s perspective along with legislative changes.

For any queries regarding comments or concerns about our privacy policies, please contact us.

Security of personal information:

Your personal information is hoarded in a way that protects your information from being misused or lost by unauthorized access, and alterations. When your personal information is of no use for our primary and secondary purpose, we will destroy your data. However, most of the personal data is gathered and stored in client files, which stays up there for 7 years at least.

Admittance to your personal information:

We may grant you access to see the personal information we hold about you to correct it. If you want to get this access please contact us.

Pay later Alligator (NZ) will not charge a fee for the access request but may charge an administrative fee for giving a copy of your personal information. We have strict privacy policies, we won’t hand over you a copy of your personal information without a proven identity.

Secure shopping:

Orders placed on this website are end-to-end encrypted by SSL technology (3.0 version), to assure that all your transactions are secure. All payment methods, especially card details go through a secure gateway integrated via Commweb, PayPal, and Afterpay. We don’t handle or save your card details.

Packaging and shipping:

Pay Later Alligator does not share any business or pricing details with customers on delivery. No direct contacts with the customer will be entertained for business purposes. However, in case of trouble in shipping, we might contact the consignee. In case of any business query, we request you to contact us directly, we won’t entertain any sort of information at the time of delivery.

Your identity and personal information are in safe hands. If you feel the information shared with us is incomplete, inaccurate, or need any updates, we advise you to drop us an email or contact us directly.

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